Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today must have been "yell at Amy" day

Two customers yelled at me today. First, a homeless man wanted names of magazines that he could subscribe. I found a couple of magazines and printed the contact information. He came back to the desk after he picked up the print and said that is not what he needs. I tried to find what he needed, but he got impatient and yelled at me.

The second person who yelled at me was a disoriented 84 year old man who was looking for the back door exit. I explained that there is just one exit-- it's the same as the entrance. He said no, I always go out the back door. I've been coming here for 15 years. Sorry sir, that is only an emergency exit. No, you are lying to me. You mean you are going to make an 84 year old man walk all the way around the building to my car? Liar! Son of a bitch, and lots of damns! And I wondered, where is your caretaker? I hope you don't still drive!

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Anonymous said...

Once, I had a panicky mother who asked if she could leave through a side door. I said no, it was an emergency exit.

"This is an emergency!" she replied. "His diapers are full!"

She still had to leave through the main door.