Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RUDE man

So first he asks me if we have a scanner. I honestly answer that we don't have one. He tells me that I am lying to him and that he doesn't believe me.

So then he goes to Sharon and says, you have a scanner in this building, don't you? She answers the same way I did and adds that we don't even have one for staff.

An hour later when his time is up on the computer he said, I'm done with it. And I think I feel like I am going to take a shower.

(This was the first day the computers were refreshed and the cleanest they could ever be right out of the box). Can't please everyone!

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Rachel and Scott said...

Not sure if you follow this library comic strip "Unshelved", but after reading your scanner story, this made me laugh. You may need to go back a few days in the archives to get the beginning of the story line.