Friday, March 13, 2009


Today this old man put his liberry card into the floppy disc drive, just like the guy from before. I never thought I'd see that happen more than once.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this happen too at the liberry. Multiple times in fact.

AuntieNanuuq said...

We were just talking about that today, one of my customers didn't enter her number correctly in the catalog and I said, "Well at least you didn't try to put it into the 'reader'' And I proceeded to shove it into the disc drive...we got a huge laugh! But it would be nice if there were readers on the OPACs & internets.

Sarah R said...

Oh, lord. This has happened twice in my library- and both by the same person! Once she actually wedged the card into the narrow space between the CD-ROM drive and the CPU, then she hit the "eject" button trying to get it back, at which point the tray became jammed open. The scary thing is that she was a summer camp counselor responsible for a group of a dozen or so kids!