Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Amusing: people who are shocked! that the free tax help service is all booked up!

The "Not a Service We Provide" award of the week:
A lady with a vision impairment wants us to read the tax instruction book to her.
We say it's NASWP, and another customer actually volunteers to do it! How nice!
However, the woman says she would feel "more comfortable" if one of us did it. Well, sorry.
Then she says that the government should just send you a letter that says "don't worry, we'll take care of it for you" if you have a disability. She is totally serious.
We refer her to the free tax help people, but she is not comfortable with that either.
Braille Institute? Maybe. She will think about it.

[I realize I sound like a horrible person here, but she was VERY rude.]


Blackwell said...

I have had several disabled friends, including a visually impaired friend, so I'm not just speaking from being an obnoxious person, but YES. Everyone in this world is capable of being rude, even if they have a disability. I understand that life is rough for them, but there are OPTIONS if you take them. So there.

tkwagner said...

After working in a public library, I can totally relate to this situation. It has happened to me in one form or another multiple times. There are some things that we as pulic libraries cannot provide for patrons.I have to wonder why she waited until the last minuite for tax help. anyway, thats my two cents1

Marian The said...

I guess I should be flattered that she has such trust in the library staff.