Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ref Grunt

Refgrunt – Sunday, May 3

Do you have any of these 8 books I need to report on for class in two days?

Can you keep an eye on some kids outside? They’re pushing each other and about to get in a fight.

How can I get on the computer?

How can I find books that list current government jobs?

Where are the books on investing?

How can I use the computers?

Do I need to talk to you about using the computers?

Can I use a computer?

Can I reset my PIN?

What time do you close today? I have to wait until 3:10 to use the computer, so I’ll just head out and do some things and come back.

Do you have any books about John Wanye Gacy?

I’m having trouble on the computer. I need to get to the Google.

I’d like to sign up for a computer.

The reservation station didn’t give me a receipt.

Why did the reservation station only give me 45 minutes (instead of an hour)?

Do you have Contemporary Literary Criticism or Science Fiction Studies?

Do you have any books on the Mission San Francisco?

Can my son use the computers?

Can you download stuff on these computers?

Do you have a circulating copy of the World Book Encyclopedia, Volume 6 (“E”)?

Do you have the LEED New construction reference guide version 2.2?

Do you have the videogame Halo 3?

Do have any music by Relient K?

What time does the library close?

Do you have the autobiography of Malcolm X?

Same man who asked what time the library closed : Do the power outlets outside the building work? I’m trying to download a lot of stuff.

Do you have Escape from Slavery?

Do you have replacement pads for the earphones? The hard plastic hurts my ears.

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