Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of REFGRUNT

--Can’t log on to internet, but it turns out he was using his student ID instead of his library card. Whoops.

--Where do I pick up a book on hold?

--Can I have some tape?

--Requesting a bunch of books for a book club, including Dreamers of the Day, The White Tiger and The 19th Wife. Oh, and that Guernsey potato peel thing.

--Information on the Panic of 1837 (not 1857, or 1907).

--I printed something, where is it?

--Do you have a 3-hole punch?

--Do you have a copy machine?

--Out-of-state guy wants to use the internet.

--A woman is looking for an obituary in the 1906 NY Times. Can’t figure out how to access the archive, so we use our rival library system’s database. Woo!
Apparently her great-grandfather once owned a well-known newspaper, so I tell her to contact that city’s library and tell them this. Natural librarian curiosity should take over from there.

--Son of a Witch, by Gregory Maguire. Isn’t on the shelf though it shows available, sigh.

--List Guy shows up to say “I love you”. Great.

--How many DVDs can we check out?

--Do you have a tissue?

--All Creatures Great and Small, series 4.

--Needs PIN number for internet.

--Can I check this out here? Nope, up at the front.

--Historical info and recent crime statistics for a local wealthy community.

--Needs books on black magic. The only one I can find in the catalog is missing, of course.

--Can I use these computers if no one’s on them? Yes.

--Do you have to have a library card to use those computers?

--I want to request “The Shooter” on DVD.

--I need a book by Leon Uris, in large print, whichever one is the shortest.

--Where is computer #22?

--Please cancel this reservation.

--Guy can’t find his email, because he is looking on the library website.

--Girl wants Vietnam, a History by Stanley Karnow

--Shelf check from nearby branch: Rainer Maria Rilke and Lou Andreas-Salomé : the correspondence. Customer is coming RIGHT NOW to pick it up.

--Wants any one of 5 books by Ellen Hopkins, but they are all either checked out, missing, at other branches, or not published yet.

--Rilke guy shows up at the information desk, even though I TOLD the other branch I was going to put it at the front desk. Sigh.

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