Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Refgrunt and no breakfast

9:30am—Good morning everyone, just take any computer that’s available.

9:32—Lady: can I just go on any computer?
Me: Yep, any one that’s available.
Lady: How about this one?
Me: Yep.
Lady: Or this one?
Me: Yep.
Lady: How about these over here?
Me: Yep. Any one.

9:35—Drunk guy wants a library card application.

9:38—Drunk guy wants an eraser.

9:40—I give the drunk guy his library card

9:42—Drunk guy brings back the stack of flyers he accidentally picked up off the refdesk.

9:45—Young man needs PIN reset.

9:47—Do I need a library card to get on the internet?

9:48—I need a book on sexual addiction.

9:55—How do I get on the internet?

9:56—I haven’t used my card in a long time and I forgot my PIN.

9:58—Co-worker is amazed at how well-lit the refdesk is today! They finally replaced the skylight that someone tried to break in through months ago and which was covered with a tarp until today.

10:02—I was wondering if you could check and see if anything came in for me?

10:03—Do we have to reserve the express computers? (No, just wait over there.) And where are the self-help books? (Right over there next to where you wait for the express computers!)

10:05—Can you help me find a book on angels? (Sure! And on the way there, a cute guy in a bus driver uniform smiles at me.)

10:10—Needs to print resume from email. Fine, but it turns out to be in stupid wps format. Zamzar will convert it for you, check back later.

10:15—Thank you! (You’re welcome!)

10:16—Out-of-state person needs internet guest pass.

10:17—Her friend needs the Yellow Pages.

10:20—Looking for urban fiction.

10:22—Can’t find rental cars in the phone book. Not under rentals, not under cars, not under automobiles. It turns out to be under “Auto Rentals”. Ugh, it’s worse than LCSH.

10:26—Can I reserve the James Patterson…I don’t know what it’s called, it’s the first in the series. (Which series?) I don’t know. (The one with the numbers? Like, 1st, 2nd, 3rd?) Yes, that’s it! Can I go look over here while you do it? Thanks!

10:28—Can I stay on the computer another hour?

10:29—Hi, a simple question: where is the restroom?

10:29—Thank you! (You’re welcome!) [Returns golf pencil]

10:31—Hi, can you help me find out where a book is at? (Sure! Which one?) [Turns out all the Zane books are checked out, but I find him an Omar Tyree]

10:36—Out of state woman is talking very loudly on her cell phone: LOWERCASE C, UPPERCASE V? ONE-NINE-EIGHT-ONE? Etc etc.

10:37—I can’t get the internet to open up again, I accidentally closed the window. [As soon as I go over, she gets it to work, of course]

10:38—Very Rural Branch calls, someone there wants information on all the lakes in the county—their history, why they were built if manmade, etc. He wants to present this info to the local public TV station next week. (Wants them to do a story on it?)

10:42—I can’t get the computer to work. (Do you have a reservation?) No. (Oh, well, go ahead and make one and it will give you the next available time.)

10:44—Thank you! (You’re welcome!)

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