Thursday, August 13, 2009

BOOM BOOM, ain't it great to be crazy?!

The past couple of days have been especially crazy @ the liberry. Here are a few highlights--

  • The Friends of the Library bookstore was held up. The poor woman working there said, "if I had only brought my cane today."
  • The wait for the Internet pc's has been over 2 hours. It makes for great moods among the customers!
  • A man said that the cop told him to come to the liberry to get a parking permit for his RV.
  • A caller asked what seismic wave are we in?
  • I asked Eric, the sub, how the mostly ZERO sub hours has been for him. He said, I got a couple of jobs: one was pouring cement, the other was landscaping. When I was pouring cement, I thought to myself, I should get more education so I can get a better job. Then I said to myself, I already have the education!

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kc said...

Eric: Sad, isn't it....