Thursday, August 20, 2009


Mumbly Guy: YouprintedsomecopiesofConstantinoandIneedmore.

Me: Huh?

(repeats several times until Amy rescues me and shows me the thing she printed for him earlier.)

Me: Okay, here it is. (at this point he is talking on his cell phone and it takes me a while to get his attention) Hey! How many copies do you need?

MG: Oh,threeorfour.

Me: How many?

MG: Threeorfour.

Me: Well, which do you want? Three? or four?

MG: Idon'tknowIguessfour. Nomakeitfive. Canyousendittomeinthemail?

Me: No, we can't. It's up at the front desk and you can pick it up right now.

MG: OKthanks.

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Maughta said...

Oh man, I was forever having patrons mix me up with my supervisor who weighed like 100 lbs more than me and my other coworker who was 50 lbs lighter than me. Is it too much to ask to notice that my coworker's hair is grey, mine is light brown, and my supervisor's hair is pitch black?? Or that we're, y'know, different people!