Monday, September 21, 2009

Refgrunt, 5-8PM

Caller: What does bonjour mean? What are the origins of the names Kay and Katie?

#5 restarted.

Kid wants to reserve some video games but the wait list is too long.

Guy wants to check out How to-- make love like a porn star by Jenna Jameson.

Other branch asks for shelf check: Radioactive Boy Scout. When the customer comes to the branch he also wants to read Rocket Boys by Hickam.

Books by Max Lucado. Just tell me the area.

Forgotten PIN number.

Arabic women want to check out books on science. I asked them to narrow it down, but they couldn't. So I asked do you want chemistry, biology, physics, etc? And they said any. So I took them to that section of the liberry and they said no, they want stories. Now I'm thinking they either want science fiction books or biographies about scientists. They wanted stories about scientists. We go over to the bio section and the woman pulls a book about Shakespeare off the shelf and says this is it!

Kid wants Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

Caller is in the car and she wants directions around the building to the parking lot. When she came in, she wanted Old Man and the Sea for her highschool son.

Man wants audiobook by Dave Ramsey.

Caller wants to renew a book. He also wants Gym Candy, a book we don't have.

Kid needs to do a report about the 90's, the decade in which he was born. I found one that spanned Persian Gulf to Y2K.

Do you have Because of Romek in Spanish? (Unfortunately, no).

Arabic boy who always asks me to cancel his reservation asks about Michael-- I haven't seen him in a long time. (We all miss Michael; too bad the sub budget is near zero).

Where are the audiobooks?

Mother doing her son's homework: Do you have Quiet on the Western Front book and DVD? Absolutely, we have both! Unbelievable!

Do you have books on the Titanic?

I set a PIN for a guy who looks OLD-- he was born in 1976. (just like me). Scary.

I can't send this email because it is going to Canada. Actually, no, you can't have spaces in the address field.

#8 restarted just as we closed.

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