Friday, October 09, 2009

Self Checkout Machines

The other day I was @ the dentist's office, and the dental hygienist (Rachel) and I had the following conversation about those self checkout machines:

Rachel: How's the library? I just love how it is all self checkout. It is so easy, so great!
Me: I wish more people would think the way you do.
Rachel: I mean, it is just so easy:
  • Choose language-- English. BONK.
  • Scan library card. BONK.
  • Scan barcode on book. BONK.
  • Choose FINISH. BONK.
  • And get your receipt. I love it! What is there not to love about it?


Soph said...

They rock, don't they? And I won't be unemployed when we get them because there will just be so many people who haven't got the foggiest what to do, no matter how easy it is or how we signpost it!


Bibliotecher said...

Don't worry, there will always be Luddites = job security! Some people really do detest them.

Lost Library Card said...

Just don't lose your wallet. I lost mine (with my library card within) and a thief used my card to check out over $800 worth of movies and books.

When a wallet or purse is lost... you think about cancelling your credit cards and getting a new driver's license, but I never thought about my library card as an identity theft target or profit center for a thief. Maybe that's because I grew up without self checkout and with librarians who knew their regular patrons by name.