Thursday, November 05, 2009

Say again, and this time SPELL it

I think I hear the guy say he wants a book on tofu. So I look up the number and walk over to the 641's. I show him a couple of books on tofu, and he looks at me funny and says no, tofu, learn English. He meant TOEFL.


Jeannette said...

It's not called "T-O-E-F-L" but rather "tohfle."

Anonymous said...

Argh. Dreaded acronyms. We get that type of thing at community college all the time. I constantly say, "Speak up, honey, I can't hear you." Sometimes I ask the students to spell what they want! I say it with a smile, though.

Amanda said...

Ha! I've had this too. Guy first said to me "aisle?" I blinked at him, he gestured frantically, and he repeated 'aisle? aisle??" Something amazing happened in the universe, and I realised he meant "IELTS" (International English Language Testing System). He then followed up with the tofu/TOEFL query, and I was just about walking him to the vegetarian cookery section before I realised.