Friday, December 11, 2009

Things I don't miss on my days off

  • Kids playing hide n seek in the stacks.
  • Extra loud music that comes from headphones. They say they'll turn it down but that lasts about 10 seconds and back up the volume goes.
  • Bawling babies
  • Those who think they can bring in their Big Macs and eat them in the liberry.
  • Lots more, but enough for today-- my day off.

1 comment:

Bibliotecher said...

What about those certain patrons who make a big fuss about their .35 cent overdue fees and refuse to pay them?

Or those that talk on their cellphones, and when you ask them to take their conversation outside, they give you the evil eye?

Then there's the parents who think the library is a day care center and let their kids run amok and do nothing about it.