Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Memories of McDonalds

I was working in the kids area when a woman asked me if I could please order Diary of a Wimpy Kid for her son. I did that, and she walked away.

Enter the scene: woman who wanted lined paper.
I offer to download some lined paper from the Internet. She can't believe I don't have any at the desk. End of story, since that's not what this post is about!

The lined paper woman walks up to the DWK mom and asks her if she worked at the McDonalds down the street in 1984. DWK says- I think you are thinking of my friend; we looked alike. (and she exits the scene)

The Lined Paper woman tells me-- no, that's her. Definitely. I worked with her at McDonalds in 1984. See, don't you think we're the same age? I'll be 44 in 2 months. Man, that girl never woke up until around 12. See, the 80s were party years for many of us. And she was much skinnier then too. But that was 1984.

Comes back to my desk a couple minutes later--

It was her.

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shushie said...

Now that's a funny story. I'm always amused when patrons decide to involve us in their lives in a sort of co-conspiratory way.