Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obsolete Technology Day

Guy: Do you have typewriters?

Me: Well, we have A typewriter.

Guy: Just one?

(he comes back a few minutes later)

Guy: Do you have one of those rubber stamp things? You know, with the date you can change?

Me: No, sorry...we got rid of those when we got the receipt printers.

(a few minutes later, a different guy comes up)

DG: Do you still sell those 3.5 in floppy disks?

Me: Sorry, not any more.


shushie said...

Your library must be located near some time warp portal. Several years ago when I was at an academic library, someone actually brought in an old 5" floppy and wanted to use it. I had no suggestions for him.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure there aren't any old disks hiding under the mimeograph machine?

Amy said...

And I had a caller ask if we have a record player!