Monday, April 05, 2010


Where's the LP section at?
How do I sign up to use a computer?
Bipolar disorder-- I need some info to talk to the doctor this afternoon.
Family wants 6 cards-- people walk away because they don't want to wait behind this family
German dictionary-- a small one the size of a passport. . . (Later)... zwiebel-- it's onion in German!
NOLO press book- Get it together
Which are the catalog computers?
Sign up for lib card
Comic strips
Another card
Naruto TV vol. 18 and 20
Penske truck rental website because got kicked off of express computer
Coin collecting
Where's the book on mental illness?
Phone call- called directly to ref. desk-- ANNOYING
Is that the only 2 catalogs you have? (NO)
Bleach movies, why don't you have the most recent ones
Glass Castle -- customer #20 on list
Where is the NOLO books section? (Right over there, on display) Where are the rest of the NOLO books?
Tech tells customers that that lady over there (i.e. me) has special training in and in genealogy in general.
I know you have more books than you have out. Where can I search?
Fines $38. Thirty eight bucks? Man, I'm gonna have to save my allowance. My mom is gonna get mad at me.
Tree books
Are these the only 2 catalog computers you have? Where's your language section?
Books on house plans. For a duplex.
What does it take to get a lib card?
Did I already ask you about... oh, I forgot.
Iliad + CDB (we have both!)
Romeo and Juliet
Lamott, Anne
Pirates of Penzance DVD
Tax form printout-- NO, we don't give advice!
Audiobooks delivered to a library near me? Awesome.

*This refgrunt eliminated all of the questions like can I have a pencil, can I have a kleenex, where's the bathroom, etc.

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