Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do you have the purple book?

The man who always asks for the purple book has been more annoying than usual lately. These days he's looking for something about JFK, and it was "just here yesterday, where did it go?" I ask him for his card so I can place a request for it.

Purple book guy: no, can't you put it aside for me when it comes in?
Me: Yes, that's why I need your card.
PBG asks me again if I can put it aside when it comes in.
Me: I'm not going to notice it when it comes in. There are hundreds of books that come in every day. So, if I place a request for you we can be sure that it will be set aside for you.
PBG: Oh, and walks away.


Jo said...

He didn't want the big book about the FBI that he saw last month somewhere in the library? Someone checked it out without his permission?

Oh yeah ---- that was my library.... ;)~

I got a master's degree for this? said...

Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald took it.