Wednesday, May 05, 2010

she must have nothing to do

Background: I sorted all of the newspapers, put them in chronological order, and made a recycle pile of duplicates. I didn't have time to wheel out the recycle bin from the back room, so I put the pile on a shelf near the rest of the newspapers.

Time goes by.

Later that day I find a woman rummaging through the recycle pile. I ask her if I can help her find something and she says there's no rhyme or reason to these newspapers. I tell her those are the duplicates an the ones in order are over there. She says oh and continues to rummage through the pile.

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I got a master's degree for this? said...

Can I have these? Do you have any twine? Actually, if you have a paper shredder I could borrow, that would be great because I can use it for my pet bunny, Mr. Carrots. Oh, yeah, do you sell rabbit food here too?