Saturday, May 01, 2010


Father and 8th grade son walk in.
Father: Where are those cards... never mind, there they are!
Me: We don't have those cards anymore; the card catalog is on the computer.
F: Then what's that?
Me: Those are the drawers where we keep our microfilm and microfiche. Can I help you find something?
F: We're looking for information on Edgar Allan Poe.
Me: What sort of information: poems, stories, a biography...
F: Biography.
Me: Let me see, we can look in the biography section, but we also have a biography database.
F: We can't use anything on the computer.
Me: The database isn't the Internet. We pay a subscription fee for the database. It's compromised of articles you'd find in magazines, newspapers, and more. You'll need to use your library card and PIN to login to the db from home.
F: The teacher demanded that we use no computer material.
Me: (Fine!) Let's go look in the biography section. (I find 3 biographies about EAP).
F: Darn-- I was hoping you wouldn't find anything! I was ready to fight that teacher, ready to stand my ground!

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