Thursday, August 26, 2010

Come again?

Guy: I need a book on hernagles.

Me: I'm sorry?

Guy: I need a book on hernagles.

Me: Um...what sort of thing is that?

Guy: You know, like the history of the bopart.

Me: Hmm. Where is that?

Guy: Downtown!

Me: Like downtown [this city], or downtown [big city nearby]?

Him: Downtown [big city].

Me: Okay, let me show you the local history section.

Him: Thank you!

(I still do not know what he was trying to say)


M~G said...

Luv this stuff. Keep em coming.

Heidi said...

What happened in local history? Please post a follow-up!

Marian The said...

Hi Heidi--I took him to the section and told him to come back if he didn't find what he was looking for.
He didn't come back, so I'm assuming he found a book about the hernagles in the bopart.