Sunday, August 15, 2010

Refgrunt! Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Guy calls wanting a car manual we don’t have

Do we have a landline for public use? No.

They want to download audiobooks to their Zune

Guy with purple hat, plaid shirt and giant beard wants books on yoga

Do we have a trade journal for lawyers? He wants to hire an expert witness.

Lady brings her shiny new red laptop up to the desk—can I help her connect to the wireless? Yep. [Why don’t they make shiny red MacBooks??]

Guy says: When I requested those books from another branch, the status changed and now they’re showing as belonging to your branch! That must be the floating process you were talking about! (Yes!) Wow, you guys really were right about that after all! (Yep)

Do you have any of the old-fashioned machines where you put money in and you can Xerox?

Sharp-dressed man wants a library card

“I got a question for ya. Where do you keep the books on investing? Like, investing money.”

Sharp-dressed man wants to know where the DVDs are

How do you use the microfilm machine?

Man with very long hair and very long beard points to catalog: “is this where I go to look up books?”

Nice older gentleman wants a book about Gordon of Khartoum. He tells me the battle he was in was the last charge by mounted horsemen against regulars with repeating rifles. Not one horseman made it across.

Sequel to Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Wants the Lucy & Desi book, but doesn’t want to request it. Will check back, even though I tell her it probably won’t be here unless she requests it.

Money origami: everything is checked out and she needs it by Wednesday for her mom’s b-day present so we print out something from this site.

Articles about adult learning—I show her how to use the database!

Adult learning lady says to the next lady in line, “you look so familiar—have we met?” Other lady says, “you’re the second person who’s said that to me here today!”

Other lady wants The Book Thief by Markus Zusak—long waiting list because all the schools are reading it

Lady in a very pink outfit wants the vehicle code

Where is the bathroom, please.

Do we have Watership Down? (No, because all the schools are reading it) Okay, how about Shiloh? (Yes.)

Mr. Purple book asks, as usual, “Is that the right time?” (Yes) and “When does the library close, 5?” (Yes)

Where are the copy machines?

Can I use your stapler?

Does Heather still work here? I never see her any more. (Yep, she’s still here)

Where is the bathroom? And is it okay if I leave my laptop here while I go? (I wouldn’t)

Can I request Linux for Dummies?

Gump & Co. by Winston Groom

Guy wandering around, possibly on drugs: “I can’t do this.”
Me: “What are you trying to do?”
Guy: “Find a book. I don’t know what I want to read!”

Teenage girl: Do you have “Outlighters?”
Me: do you mean Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, or Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?
Girl: The Story of Success?
Me: Oh yeah, Outliers.
Girl: Is it Outliers or Outlighters?
Me: Outliers.

Guy who can’t find a book comes back with The Da Vinci Code.
Guy: Is this a good book?
Me: Well, it’s a good story
Guy: Okay, I think I’ll take it. I’ll read it in church—that should make people happy.

Later, at the checkout desk, Da Vinci Code Guy drops his book. “I can’t believe how loud that was!” he tells the lady next to him in line.

Can you recommend a magazine in Spanish so I can improve my comprehension?


Amy said...

Re:the shiny MacBook. Have you seen the cases made by Speck? I have a "purple" MacBook, and it's awesome :)

Colorware will also make shiny MacBooks, but they're kinda spendy. You can switch out Speck cases to your heart's desire and still spend much less than you would for a Colorware job.

Marian The said...

Thanks, Amy! I just might get one!