Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's highlights

Girl-- Do you have Dead Man at Sea?
Me-- I don't see that in our catalog. Do you think it could possibly be Old Man and the Sea?
Girl-- No, I'm pretty sure it's Dead Man at Sea. Let me show you my syllabus-- which said-- Old Man and the Sea!

Guy-- Do you have music from Royal Pain?
He was really looking for music by House of Pain.

Mr. Purple Book-- I need to ask you something that's a secret. Oh, never mind. I'll ask you tomorrow. What time are you open?

Woman walks by desk just after the "we're closing in 10 minutes" announcement and says-- I can't believe no one moves after that announcement. That's hilarious!


Eric Alder said...

Makes sense. When you're a kid, Old = Dead.

Surely that woman isn't surprised that people dilly-dally?

Anonymous said...

When I worked at our local Liberry in what seens like another lifetime ago, a High Schooler came in and asked for a book on The Battle of the Bugle. He then proceed to argue with me and asked "Don't you have to know anything about history to work here?"
I live in West Virginia and a young boy came in and asked for books on Trackers. "As in tracking animals?" I innocently asked. "No" he said. "The kind you drive."