Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mom and teen daughter @ the desk.
Mom-- (super loud) Do you have Roots? It was so so so popular in the 70s. The whole nation sat in front of their TVs for a week straight. Make that two weeks straight.
Man walks by-- yeah, I remember Roots.
Mom (to daughter)-- See, I told you, the whole nation was in front of their TV set for 2 weeks straight.
Me (looking @ catalog)-- It looks like most of the copies are checked out. (I didn't say that most of them were missing). There's a waiting list of 20 people. Do you want me to put you on the list?
Mom (to daughter)-- See, I told you Roots was popular. There are 20 people waiting for it! I told you!!! See, it's black history. For that matter it's white history. It was a phenomenon.
Me-- OK. You'll get a letter in the mail or email when it comes in.

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adam said...

Wow, I remember Roots! It so was popular, it seemed like EVERYBODY watched it.