Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prescription for disaster

A man came to the desk with a letter in his hand that said he owes $25 for a book he didn't return. He had a plastic bag of Rx's- about 7 bottles. He shook the bag and explained I am a very sick man. I cannot afford to pay the $25. Very sick man. Then he dumped the bottles onto the desk and picked them up, one by one: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure...

I stopped him after he listed off the first 2 meds. I explained to him that we have an amnesty day coming up, and that he can return the book then and not be charged. He had me write it down so he could understand it.

He left and told me I am an amazing woman!

1 comment:

finally_a_librarian said...

I wonder if those vials were all his.

The "I am very sick" or "I am very old" excuses drive me nuts. If you can't afford the fines, then BRING THE BOOKS BACK ON TIME OR CALL TO RENEW!