Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Refgrunt!

A guy is looking for Bone Thugs –N-Harmony cds

Same guy comes back and wants to know who sings the song “You’re Beautiful” [James Blunt, vom]

Can I borrow a pencil?

Wants the movies Saw, Paranormal Activity, and Astro Boy.

He just returned a book yesterday, but he didn’t mean to. He can’t remember the exact title or author, but thinks it was orange. I look all over but can’t find it. Meanwhile, he keeps gazing forlornly into the bookdrop, since that’s where he last saw it.

Guy says several back issues of Barron’s are missing. Sadly, they’re probably stolen (people saving money to invest?)

Seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Oz. (yells across library) “Honey, do we need season 5 too?”

Phone: wants to renew all 31 books

A lady signs up on the catalog for a new library card and also wants to know: “Is there an easier way to find the books?”

Barron’s guy comes back and whispers: “I found one!”

Another lady brings in proof of address and wants to know how many books she can check out now. I take great pleasure in telling her AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!

Phone: A different lady, more renewals, plus she has 29 holds to pick up!

Orange book guy comes back with title and author, and we find it! I overlooked it before because it has a pink spine.

Nice regular who can’t check out (too many fines or something) comes in to look at his “favorite book”, The Turbulent 60s.

A lady walks up to the desk: “I’m just calling, ha, I mean I just came in to see if my book is here.” She also shows me all the books she bought at the Friends of the Library bookstore: “I never go to Barnes and Noble anymore! I don’t pay $19 when I can get the same thing right here!”

“Wow, you’re wearing four watches!” (part of my Halloween costume, “Memento Mori”)

Phone: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Her hold’s been in transit for 3 weeks—where is it?

Guy shows me a book called The Angry Book. “What other angry books do you have?”

I look high and low for the copy of Rabbit-Proof Fence that was returned 2 days ago, but it’s in the Recently Returned Bermuda Triangle and nowhere to be found.

“I could find it myself, but you just look so ready to help me!”

One of our regulars comes looking for an article from the New Republic on taxing the rich. He’s followed at about 5 paces by a nearly seven-foot-tall man in green checkered pants, green jacket, and Panama hat, who doesn’t say anything but walks along behind as we go to the shelves.
The first guy tells me that being female, I have a heroine in Brooksley Born, whistleblower in the financial collapse.


Amy said...

I did a shelf check for Rabbit Proof Fence yesterday. I think I put it on 3 day hold...

Anonymous said...

I had somebody ask me for the movie "Invisible Rabbit Fencing" once. Not quite the same thing.