Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1/2 Refgrunt

This is only 1/2 a refgrunt-- I should have written one from my 12-2 desk shift because it was question after question, BAM BAM BAM! So here's the rg from my 2nd desk shift of the day:

Witches... where are those books? I'm really interested in the topic, but I don't want to become one.

Twilight-- the catalog says it is here. (but it wasn't).

How do I get a liberry card? I have one for the county, would that work here?

How do I renew the items on my card?

Where are books on Mormons and handcarts?

The Prey series... who wrote it? (John Sandford)

How do I get a liberry card?

Where's the quiet study area?

I see you more often than I see certain members of my family! How do I request something outside the system without saying yes to the security question? I don't want my information to be insecure. I mean I don't want anything to happen to my information if the website isn't secure.

Do you have a Sharpie I can borrow real quick?

Where would I find Christmas music? Is there a certain label on the CD if it's Christmas music?

Excuse me, today is Wednesday?

Bye, sorry about the cell phone.

To Kill a Mockingbird


Where are the new books in Spanish?

Long genealogy question

Long baking question

Where are the Consumer Reports magazines?

and some virtual reference questions too

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