Sunday, December 05, 2010


--Can you turn the internet filter off for me?

--“If the word ‘foot’ is called singular, what do you call ‘feet’?”

--Nice guy wants me to look up his account, but accidentally gives me his NRA membership card instead of his library card. He also says the author Richard Marcinko used to be his Navy SEAL instructor. “He was kind of a character.”

--Looking for two books with the same name: Hunting Evil. “One’s about Nazis and the other one’s about a serial killer.”

--Where are the oversized books?

--How can I get on the internet?

--(takes 3 tissues) “…Hi.”

--“I need some books on hip-hop of the 1990s. I mean, the 1970s. Or just on the history of hip-hop, I don’t know.”

--AR books

--Needs an article in Arabic about the singer Umm Kulthum.

--Singular/plural guy wants to know the difference between ‘dear’, ‘dare’, and ‘deer’.

--Can we order Thriller and Paula Abdul’s greatest hits?

--“My son wants the book The Postman.”

--Mr Purple Book shows up: “Is that the right time right there, 8 minutes to 1?”

--Books on how to probate an estate

--Writing an essay about new types of writing, e.g. texting, vs old types.

--Someone has moved Who Moved My Cheese? but we find it in the back room.

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