Monday, December 13, 2010

Refgrunt from last week

Can I help you?
Oh, I wish you could.

Caller: I need to know the exact time, according to the US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time

Do you have The secrets of happily married men : eight ways to win your wife's heart forever by Scott Haltzman with Theresa Foy DiGeronimo. And you you have anything else on the subject? What about men and dating?

I ask the caller for his liberry card number even though I know exactly who it is. Funny.

Woman pointing to a catalog pc-- so even though it has the internet explorer icon we can't use it for the internet?

Guy who lives @ the CDs for hours a day hands me 3 empty CD cases. Later we found 3 empty DVD cases elsewhere in the liberry.

Do you have books on photography or something? Do you have DVDs or CDs about photography?

How do I get a library card? I want to buy some books and rent the internet computer. (filled out the form)... me: Do you have your id? No, I’m 19. I left it at the college because they told me I needed one.

I ordered a DVD about bees. Where is it?

2 movies we don’t have

Pictures of William the Conqueror

Virtual reference—can’t order books going to brand new branch because they are part of the opening day collection.

The liberry had a table for customers to write holiday cards for the troops. I found some inappropriate ones, like, Dear Service Member, I am __ and I’m an alcoholic. Pop bottles to freedom!

I want to print out some dragonballz pictures. How do I get on a computer?

Printing unemployment forms; our printer lost them

Nolo book & crockpot cooking

Do you have Mariah Carey Merry Christmas?

Man about 60-- know what I forgot to ask? Bus schedules... do them make them anymore? I show him where the schedules are and he says COOL! COOL! COOL!

Customer: Is it cold in here or is it me? It is freezing!

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