Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Kid: Do you have Adventures of Ook and Gluk?

Me: So here's your new library card, and here are the fines, fees, and locations of the library.
Man: No honey, I have enough papers. I don't need any more papers. Honey, I know the rules.

I had to tell a couple to keep their voices down-- they were in an argument.
Woman: "Why are you treating me like this, do you know what it means to respect me? You aren't respecting me, do you hear me? Are you listening to me?"
Man: "I'm respecting you." etc. etc. etc. The same circular conversation continued until I went over there. How did they respond? The woman showed no respect for me!

Today is my birthday. I'm 28. Youth is not eternal.

Am I allowed to look at these newspapers?

How do I get a library card?

Art exhibit application


Can I have a pencil?

Notice was sent; item in transit.

I'm confused, the library is so confusing.

Central office for AA meetings

Don't understand the reservation system.

Do you have a ruler

Virtual reference-when is the item ready for pickup?

VR-- Card is no longer in the database. (I love VR this time of the year because it's so slow in the liberry-- and we can respond instantly!).

Andy Williams Christmas Album

Mariah Carey CDs

Bow Wow CD

Is that the only movies you guys have?

Do you have pictures of Egyptian tattoos?

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