Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Short refgrunt, since we weren't very busy tonight

Do you have anything that will help me study for the history section of the GED?

Mr. Purple Book: Do you have books on the spine? You know, the one by Steve Somebody or Other. (He asked me that 3 times today).

Do you have Crack the TOEFL?
Yes, we have Cracking the TOEFL.

I'd like to reorder 2 movies I didn't get a chance to watch.

Do you have the ASVAB?

These (pile of scrap paper) are scratchers?

Can I check out here?

Today is the 8th or 9th? Is it Wednesday or Thursday?

Explorers report-- do you have anything on Henry Hudson?

I explain the PC Reservation system to a customer who thinks she can just hop on any (one that looks like it is) available one.

Mother to 10 year old son: You owe 12 dollars, dude. You wanna pay that now or later?

Do you have Miracle of Life on DVD?

Can I borrow the phone to call my mom so she'll come get me?

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