Wednesday, February 24, 2010

as if its a ball game...

A girl wanted a DVD on Anne Frank. I found one, but of course it wasn't available at this liberry. I asked her if she wanted to request one from another branch, and her mother (sitting about 15 feet away) yelled out oh come on, no one wants that kind of stuff. How could that be checked out? I saw it here last week!

Sir, there's a section* for everything.

Guy: I'm looking for a book by Pimpin''s about pimpin'. Is there a section for that?


If you're not part of the solution...

Guy on cell phone: "This is the loudest library I've ever been to!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spooked out

I was told that the man on #19 Internet needed help with something about the DMV. I walked over to the pc and asked him if I could help. I figured out he was looking for a report on his car; nothing from the DMV.

I got him to the page and told him he'd need to enter the VIN number in order to get the report. He said I don't have the VIN number. See, I passed away last week in the hospital. My sister has all the paperwork. The car has been towed.

He repeatedly told me that he passed away in the hospital.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I need to look tough and mean:

Obnoxious man (OM): They might name a holiday after me. I made a huge breakthrough. This is major-- I found a cure for autism, but my cure won't be the same as another person's cure.

My website got censored. . . . . (he says that almost every day)

You're the only one around here who is gentle and sweet. You motivated me, and now who knows how far I'll go.


Oh, great. I don't recall being any source of motivation for this OM. And, I need to look tough and mean!


Guy wearing business clothes and holding about 10 DVDs: Do you have any information on the Amish? I'm thinking of joining.

Do you have...

Highschool Girl-- Do you have Dracula & Frankenstein? I want to take them to school so everyone will think I'm weird. Ooh, yeah! And my boyfriend will think I'm odd too. And I will bite him! Ooh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask a Librarian

I love this site--

@ the bottom of the screen it reads what are people asking?

Some really good questions listed here!

How to...

Mom telling her daughter what to ask me: ask her where the how to section is?
Girl: Where's the how to section?
Me: Can you be more specific?

Mom: Telling the girl to ask how to build.
Girl: Where's the how to build section?
Me: What are you trying to build?

Mom: Telling the girl-- don't they have a section on how to build airplanes?
Me: Thinking-- paper airplanes? origami?
Girl: How to build ____ (something unintelligible)
Me: How to build what?
Girl: How to build gun control.

Me: Oh, you want books on gun control?
Girl: Yes.
Me: We have some over here.

ERQ (end of reference question)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New card and a ?

When I gave the guy his new liberry card, I should have said-- here are two library cards for you. One is for your wallet; the other is for your keychain.

He looked at the one for his keychain and said what's this, like a portable liberry card or something?

Friday, February 12, 2010


I was scheduled to float around the self checkouts for an hour and a half today because the RFID system is still new. One guy about 25 carried a small, purple, velvety bag of what sounded like marbles. He commented-- I love the library. It's full of people who know not to eat the books.

Kinkos? No, come to the liberry

Before we opened today, we noticed an unusually high number of people waiting at the door, especially for a Friday. Usually the crowd = Internet people, but today there were about 50 people who rushed in to make double sided copies of their passports and/or other material. It was bizarre-- 2 of the techs helped the long line of people make their copies.

I wonder why they decided to go to the liberry and not Kinkos? Glad they came, because it gave the day a crazy start!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DRGs and GOLs

DRG-- disgruntled retired guy
GOL-- grumpy old lady

Since the remodel, the DRGs want to know why the collection has "thinned" and the GOLs want to know what happened to their mystery section. Both the DRGs and GOLs like the LP books.

One super GOL complained-- your LP section is hodge podge. Nothing is in order. So I walked over to the section with her and told her that these books are the nonfiction portion of our LP collection, so they are in Dewey order. She said... oh.

Woody Guthrie

Today this man was telling me about Woody Guthrie (1912 - 1967). OK, before my time.

He said, so are you 26? (What an odd guess). I said about. And then he said are you about 30? I said about. Then he said I won't make you tell me your age. I thought... awesome!

Sunny and ...

This man came into the liberry wearing a hat that reminded me of my joker ski hat. His hat was bright yellow and looked a little like the pic above.

To each his own.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My scarf

One of the regulars saw my scarf and said-- do you know what you are wearing? I said yes, this is my scarf (that I made). He said, no you're not. You're wearing a stole. If you tie it, it's a scarf, if not, it's a stole.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


An old man came in today to place a request on Sarah Palin's biography. He asked me if I had any book recommendations. I suggested he read Grapes of Wrath, because our liberry is participating in the Big Read.

He said-- oh, a new version of the Grapes of Wrath is out?


I saw someone walking through the stacks just now and thought "hey, I know that walk, that's Mr. Purple Book! but no, it can't be, because he would never be wearing an electric-blue, striped, fur-trimmed sweatshirt instead of his usual Mr. Rogers cardigan."
But it was.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Welcome, sir!

Guy with trucker hat: Can you tell me, ma'am-- are there any taverns in this here town? I just moved here from the state of Montana! You git me in the city, I'm confused! You put me in the country, I can find my way around! ( I recommend several taverns) Thanks, hon!