Friday, May 28, 2010

Display books

Woman asks for a list of books that were on display 2 weeks ago. I tell her we don't keep lists of what we put on display, but I can try to figure out what it might have been if you tell me the subject or what you remember of the title, etc. She left, not a happy camper.

Good good good

Man who speaks little English comes to the desk and asks for a math book.

Me: What level of math?
Man: I want high math.
Me: Calculus?
Man: No. I in Math 90 (at the community college). I go to Math 110. I need high math. I am good good good at math.

So, instead of naming off algebra, trig, geometry, precalculus, topology, abstract algebra, probability and statistics, etc., I take him to the section of math books and let him find his own "high math" book.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tom & Jerry DVDs

Is it just this liberry system that has 18 holds on one Tom & Jerry DVD? I think we have about 3 copies. I wonder why T & J DVDs are so popular?!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Purple Book

Yesterday I showed Mr. Purple Book a book he couldn't find after he left it somewhere. At the end of the exchange he said thanks Amy. That's your name, isn't it?


1st thing this AM

Woman comes to the desk immediately after opening and says she hasn't been here in a long time so she has a lot of things to look up. She pulls out a list of 11 items to research. Here are 7 that I recall:

Do you have books on-
  1. avalanches
  2. saints
  3. volcanoes
  4. Hitler
  5. Joan of Arc
  6. dams
  7. proverbs

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Online Liberry Card application

We're doing away with the paper library card application forms and have a way for customers to apply for a card online. This is too confusing for some people because it requires that you read the directions.

Last week the guy told me that he completed the form, now do I hit clear form or submit?

Then at the end, after the submit button is pressed, the customer is prompted to create a password. This is rocket science. I tell them to close the window and I'll set the PIN for you over here.

Please turn down your music

I ask this woman in her 20s to please turn down the music.


Could you please turn down your music?


Can you turn down your music? I can hear it all the way over there.

NO, everyone is asking me to turn down my music. I already did.

Well I can still hear it.

Then the security guard walks by and has the same conversation with her. After he walks away she turns it down and leaves.

Sight Class?

Man in his 60s comes to the desk to ask me about another customer--

Do you know the man who always wears a gray jacket? He's older, and he walks around and picks up books, but I don't think he ever reads them. Does he ever talk to you? I don't think he can talk because of his mental illness.

(this description reminds me of Mr. Purple book, except he talks to the liberrians)

I said oh I don't really know who you are talking about.

Then he says-- did you ever take a sight class? No? ... Just weren't interested, huh?


My thoughts: What = a sight class? Could it be a class on how to people watch?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do you have the purple book?

The man who always asks for the purple book has been more annoying than usual lately. These days he's looking for something about JFK, and it was "just here yesterday, where did it go?" I ask him for his card so I can place a request for it.

Purple book guy: no, can't you put it aside for me when it comes in?
Me: Yes, that's why I need your card.
PBG asks me again if I can put it aside when it comes in.
Me: I'm not going to notice it when it comes in. There are hundreds of books that come in every day. So, if I place a request for you we can be sure that it will be set aside for you.
PBG: Oh, and walks away.

Mom and her 14 year old

Boy: (high volume) Do you have ...
Mom: Use your inside voice, not your GOD voice.


Crazy man-- can I borrow this stapler? I'll bring it back, I swear to God, Catholic style!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the technician is waiting to help you

Guy is holding a big Chilton's car repair manual and says so where can I make the x-rays at?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

she must have nothing to do

Background: I sorted all of the newspapers, put them in chronological order, and made a recycle pile of duplicates. I didn't have time to wheel out the recycle bin from the back room, so I put the pile on a shelf near the rest of the newspapers.

Time goes by.

Later that day I find a woman rummaging through the recycle pile. I ask her if I can help her find something and she says there's no rhyme or reason to these newspapers. I tell her those are the duplicates an the ones in order are over there. She says oh and continues to rummage through the pile.


Old man tells me I no speak English. I tired man, tired man.


Later that day, this guy said to me-- wow! You look really tired!

Thanks. I needed that.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Father and 8th grade son walk in.
Father: Where are those cards... never mind, there they are!
Me: We don't have those cards anymore; the card catalog is on the computer.
F: Then what's that?
Me: Those are the drawers where we keep our microfilm and microfiche. Can I help you find something?
F: We're looking for information on Edgar Allan Poe.
Me: What sort of information: poems, stories, a biography...
F: Biography.
Me: Let me see, we can look in the biography section, but we also have a biography database.
F: We can't use anything on the computer.
Me: The database isn't the Internet. We pay a subscription fee for the database. It's compromised of articles you'd find in magazines, newspapers, and more. You'll need to use your library card and PIN to login to the db from home.
F: The teacher demanded that we use no computer material.
Me: (Fine!) Let's go look in the biography section. (I find 3 biographies about EAP).
F: Darn-- I was hoping you wouldn't find anything! I was ready to fight that teacher, ready to stand my ground!