Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The "floating collection" concept

Today Mr. Purple Book and I had a conversation about the floating collection. Well, not with that terminology...

Mr. PB-- So why are there two copies of the same book? and where's the purple book-- it was just there yesterday?

I explained-- if you check a book out from this liberry you can return it at any of the x branches of the Liberry. That's why we have more than one copy of some books. Other books get checked out but don't get returned to this particular liberry. (I didn't say this, but some of them NEVER get returned-- imagine that!).

Mr. PB-- Well, that's just crooked!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


High school guy-- I have some concerns about the computer.
Me-- What sorts of concerns?
HSG-- It won't type Roman numerals.
Me-- What number are you trying to type?
HSG-- 2.
Me-- I tell him you just need to type two capital i's.
HSG-- I did the capital i, but it wasn't happenin.

Tax Forms

An old woman wants a tax form from 2007. I tell her we only have tax forms during tax season. However, I can print it out for you. She says, when's tax season?

I love virtual reference

Today's top virtual reference question--

What happens to the items I've requested if I were to move OUT of state? Would or could they be sent to the local library where I've moved??

Are Branch Libraries located only in XYZ state, or are they located across the country? If so, where are they located?


I replied and told the customer I could find the name of her new liberry, and she said she is getting ready to go to college out of state!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Identification Day

This all happened in one day--

Lady brings in a bag of seashells and wants a book on how to identify them.

Man brings in his camera with a picture of a snake he wants to identify.

Man comes looking for a book that will help him identify the trees in the area.

a little strange

Man about 50-- I've got 4 days in Europe, the south side. You know the south side, right? Well, yeah, I've got 4 days there and I need (pause) just kidding! I was wondering if you could put me on the list for a DVD.

so I put him on the list and tell him he'll get a notification via email or mail when the DVD arrives

Man: I can give you my email and you'll notify me? Cool. Let's see which one I'll use. Hmmm. DogCatDuck? No... Um, Monkey? No... oh, it's and then he gave me the address.

I said thank you and he replied-- I'm gonna go kick some rocks.

Monday, June 14, 2010

One Flew Over the Refgrunt

--My book on how to clean up oil spills is in; where do I pick it up? And do you have anything on earthquake recovery?

--Someone calls from another city across the state, wanting an obit from 1974 so he can find the next of kin. It mentions 7 granchildren and 7 great-grandchildren but no names, boo.

--Can you show me how to use the microfilm machine? My dad was shot in 1987 and I want to read about it. [Oh my god, I’m sorry.] Oh, he lived.

--Atlas Shrugged

--Guy from local business association wants to donate books about business, if we will “take good care of them”. I say we can’t promise, but we’re happy to have them.

--How to get to the government service office

--Mr Purple Book asks, as he does every day, “Is that clock right?”

--Good morning! How was your night?

--Looking for Repo, the Genetic Opera with Anthony Stewart Head

--How can I get a library card?

--Does the proof of address have to have my name on it?

--Can I email this to you so you can print it?

--I can’t get my computer to connect to the wifi.

--Do you have books by Robin Jones Gunn?

--Do you have the first 2 books in this series by Beverly Lewis?

--Books on calculus

--Test prep for “service worker”?

--The Lunatic Express and The Friday Night Knitting Club

--Do you do faxing?

--Guy who is doing a program on Friday calls to see how many people to expect.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So nice

There's this 90+ year old man, Mr. G, who can't really hear anything, but is so nice to us. He always gives us his pen. Yesterday Heather and I were at the desk. (Why two liberrians at the desk you ask... Because Heather was trying to fix the microfilm and I was helping the customers).

Anyway, yesterday Mr. G gave me a really nice gel pen. He told Heather that he's sorry that he only has one pen. Ten minutes later he came back with a pen for Heather that he found in his car. So nice!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Calling all experts

Are you an expert with the Canon Microfilm Scanner 300II? If so, we could use your help in the future.

Today Marian, Heather, and I spent over an hour trying to make the machine work. We had a paper jam, then nothing would print black on white, and then we had to tweak the border because it only printed the last 3 or 4 inches at the bottom of the screen. I don't even know how Marian fixed it.

Anyway, what a fun day it was. As we were cursing the machine, Marian thought that some of our blog readers out there might deal with the same machine. If you deal with the same beast mentioned above, please comment below or send an email to THANKS!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Shifting and Signage

We've been shifting fiction again; thus, it's time to make new signs.

I printed out one of them, looked at it, and emailed Marian:

I think I better do some more shifting so it's not SHI-TRA.

And I did just that. The sign now reads SHO-TRA.

Friday, June 04, 2010

4th Grader

Do you have War and Peace? I don't know who wrote it, but my dad said that if I can read it by the end of the summer he'd give me 100 dollars.