Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quote from a colleague

Our liberry is located in City X. Today I overheard one of my colleagues say every day is a full moon in City X!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

unprofessional question

A professional looking woman came to the desk and asked if she could ask me a completely unprofessional question. She said that she is so embarrassed, but can I please borrow a pen for the meeting in the conference room.

That was easy!

a what?

The other day I had a customer looking for our 8-track tapes. I told her we don't have any, but she insisted that she's gotten them here before. I offered to request a VHS tape for her and she seemed ok with that.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mood music

Someone calls on the phone, with classical music playing loudly in the background:
"Do you have the poems of William Blake?"

Somewhat later, she calls back, with "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin playing loudly in the background:
"Do you have the poems of Jim Morrison?"

Annoying guy about 30

This annoying guy with a really loud voice spent a long time in the liberry last night. He pulled up a chair to the CD area and looked at each one. I asked him if he could keep his voice down several times, but he said I'm a pest, I know that, and I have a really loud voice!

He saw this guy who was with his girlfriend and asked the guy-- oh, didn't I see you with Jessica before? She's my ex-girlfriend too! He went on to tell them his street name and told them you know, it's good to be popular, it really is. I'm so well known in City X.

Time goes by. He's still looking at the CDs. He asks me if we could get headphones and a system where you could preview the CDs-- just like they have at Borders. I told him that sounds like it would be really expensive, and our budget is so small. He said-- how small? Like cookie crumb size? I've got a solution to the budget, and it is in Fort Knox, simple as that. He probably wanted me to ask him to explain Fort Knox, but I didn't.

@ closing he told me-- Know why I love coming to the liberry? To get away from reality. Reality sucks sometimes.

A happy moment

Mr. Purple Book asked for Illinois by Dana Fuller Ross. I looked it up and told him it’s in the LP section. I was going to show him where it was, but he walked away. Minutes later he came back with the book-- HE FOUND IT HIMSELF!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mr. Purple Book

Mr. Purple Book was looking for different kinds of books today (not the purple book): Beatles as well as radio controlled cars. I showed him one book on the Beatles and he said this is junk! Then I showed him one on radio controlled cars and he replied-- you used to have a whole mess of them. Where did they go? Were they checked out?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mr. Purple Book and spelling

Mr Purple Book-- Hey, do you remember when I asked you how to spell common sense?
Me-- (um, actually no, but ok...) Yes.
Mr. Purple Book-- Well here it is (as he pulls out Thomas Paine's book). See, double M!