Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowboy Boots

Today "Peter" came to the liberry.  He was wearing a button down shirt, a vest, a pair of khakis, & tennis shoes.

Peter:  Do you work here?
Amy:  Yes.
Peter:  Know how I know?
Amy:  My badge?
Peter:  Hi, I'm Peter.  (He had the limpest handshake ever).  Those are really nice shoes.
Amy:  Thanks.
Peter:  Do you have any cowboy boots at home?
Amy:  No, I don't.
Peter:  Well you should really go to (name a boot store) and get some for Halloween, or maybe you can get some for Christmas.
Amy:  OK, thanks.
Peter:  Bye.

He had the same conversation with at least 2 other staff members.

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