Friday, January 21, 2011


I think a lot of people have trouble with eBooks because they don't want to READ the directions.   The other day I was helping a not so pleasant customer get started with her Nook.  B&N supposedly couldn't help so they sent her to the liberry.  Thanks B&N.  Before she even started her question, she said I'm going to stand next to the Kleenex because I'm ready to cry.

Life goes on.  I showed her the page where it shows the software that needs to be downloaded.  I asked her if she has a pc or a mac.  She snobbily said, I run Linux.  (I'm thinking, well, aren't you special).

She said she'll try downloading the software but she will be right back here the instant it doesn't work.  Can't wait to see her again!


Michael said...

If/when she comes back...

There's no Linux version of Adobe Digital Editions yet but it does run on Linux via WINE.

jentwo said...

I love it! She gives you the snots because she runs Linux, but she can't figure out how to use her e-reader? Classic.

Kia said...

You are way more helpful then my library! they gave me a flyer that had the website and said they didn't know either!

there's a video that shows you step by step from ADE download forward.

Rapid City Public Library said...

Hi! We had so many questions concerning ereaders and dowloading ebooks that we put together a quick weebly page complete with YouTube tutorials and how-to guides for each of the popular ereaders.

Maybe next time you can just shoot them to this page.

We tried to make it as universal as possible so that other libraries could use it as well. Check it out and if you have sugggestions please let us know.

John Pappas
Outreach Services Coordinator
Rapid City Public Library