Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gray's Anatomy

A woman wanted a book that would have illustrations of the leg muscles.  I showed her Gray's Anatomy.  She looked at it, thought for a minute, and asked me if this is related to the TV show Grey's Anatomy.  I said yes, and she replied that's kinda cool.  Like, is this their bible?  Wow, that's neat!


iamironman said...

Similar experience here. I work at a community college. One of the students wanted an anatomy book. I took her to the catalog, showed her how to use it. "Here we go: Gray's Anatomy," I said. My student didn't think it was so cool, though; she gave me a dirty look and said "I don't want THAT." I explained that Gray's Anatomy is the standard reference work in the field, to which she replied "No, it's a TV show." I explained that the title of the show was a play on the title of this book which has been published since the 19th century. She then said "Well then wouldn't it be out of date? That's pretty old." I explained that they have made revisions to it over the years, but if she looked at it and didn't like it, all the anatomy books would be in that same general area.

George said...

Here I am ... halfway through my seven decade ... and all of a sudden, I'm glad. If a relatively common (but good) serial on the teewee is going to so warp the minds of young adults, I might be lucky enough to be gone before they take over.

You younger people should watch out.


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