Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mr. Purple Book

Mr. PB:  Do you have a book, written by a woman, hardcover, and the title in big letters?

Me:  Do you remember the author or title?

Mr. PB:  Can't you just sort through all the books written by women?

Me:  No, I'm afraid my computer doesn't allow me to search by the author's first name.  What else can you tell me about the book?  

Mr. PB:  It had something to do with Mind Set.  Written by a woman.

A little keyword searching allowed me to find the book, and yes, he was right, it was written by a woman:  

Mindset : the new psychology of success / Carol S. Dweck.

But it was checked out.  So we went through the conversation about can I order it, how long will it take to get here, etc.

Later that day he wanted a book by William Glasser.  He didn't remember the title, but he told me that Glasser is a psychiatrist, but he doesn't say so.  I know it because he says it in his books.  I saw the book in the bookstore yesterday.

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