Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Customer

This guy figured out how to request books from the catalog with his card and PIN.  He ordered a couple of books, then asked me how will he know when they are ready?   I told him that he will either get a notice in his email or mail.  It could take about a week.

He said, no, I think the books are here.

I looked @ his account and yes, they were available at this branch.  He said, so will they call my name over the speaker when they are ready?

I wrote down the call #s and was ready to show him how to find them, and he stopped me and asked-- is this just like in school with the Dewey Decimal system?  Yes.  Then I know how to find them!  Thanks!!


Judy said...

I have JUST discovered your blog and it will defnitely not be the last time I (or my fellow staff members behind the circulation desk) visit! Thanks for letting us know that we are not alone!

lindsay said...

Love this blog! Thanks for keepin' it real, yo.