Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Reference

Do you have My Secret Garden
Can I request the book Roots
I said hello to the next customer. No response, other than, where are the maps?
Biographies = where?
Shelf check- local history
Music by Proper Dos
Map man is looking for terminals just for library
Mr. Purple Book's first question of the day-- where's the green book
Middle school art project in full force: Do you have anything on Piet Mondrian
Tax forms
Called the help desk to unlock generic login
Online ref- where to find an obit
Art project: Seurat / post-impressionism
Art Project: Correggio
Dear John
Blind Side
Letters to Juliet
One art project student wouldn't talk so his dad talked for him.
Consumer reports
How do I use wifi?
No rollerblades allowed in the liberry
Print something from yahoo acct
Is there an easier way to order movies? Like, how can I be the first to put my name on the list?
Mr. Purple Book is looking for the lost and found department for his brand new watch (from his parents), and combs: one red, one blue
How can I connect to the wifi here?
Can I order games here
Comedy section—David Sedaris
Girl who Kicked Hornets Nest
Tax forms
Zoo Story—what number am I on the list
Greatest Story Ever Told
New moon- illustrated movie companion
Mr. Purple Book asks about a workshop coming up about handling finances. He said-- who can come? I said anyone, and he replied ok, that’s what I wanted to know.
Learning to speak English material—The woman is holding the CDs and the book and asks-- is this a CD or is it a CD with a book?
NewMoon—can I like put it back?
Caller: I just listened to the Star Spangled Banner, what is a rampart?
College textbooks
Middle school art student: Sandro Botecilla? Do you mean Sandro Botticelli? He runs out to the car and returns-- are you sure it isn't Botecilla? This is what I copied from my teacher. Me-- we have art encyclopedias if you want to verify the spelling...
Woman picks up a new book by Ted Bell and says --this book looks like a “wow” book
Where is nearest payphone?
Where are the YA books?
Mr. Purple Book: Is that the right time? Then he hands over a paperback Evanovich-- 2 for the Dough. Is this a new book? It looks in good condition.
Address for Oprah Winfrey
Books for book club
4:20—do you have books on reflexology or is it too late to ask, I know you close at 5
Mr. Purple Book looking for aircraft mechanics and reminds me that we’re running out of time—25 minutes till the library closes, 5:00
Do you have like, paperbacks? I knew I had seen them somewhere
Can I be able to check out dictionaries?


Magriet Brink said...

Just gotta say I love Mr Purple Book, he cracks me up every time. I used to work in a bookshop so can sympathise with a lot of this but woah, what a day you've had here.

Marian The said...

I talked to Mr. Purple Book earlier in the day, and he was looking for "a book just like this one, but it has a red cover".

Heather said...

Ya'll are awesome...I'm passing along this Memetastic Award to you. It's your mission should you choose to except...:)