Monday, January 03, 2011

Transformations and the liberry

Hi, I hope this doesn't sound too nerdy. Do you have any videos I can watch so that when I go out clubbing I'll know what to do? See, I lost 60 pounds and I've never been clubbing before, but this is a total transformation for me. I'm going to a haircut place just for men. I'm going to ask my grandma's nurse to go clubbing with me. She's a friend right now, but I've already bought her concert tickets... see, for Christmas she sent my family a card. This is a total transformation for me.

It took me a while to actually find a DVD about how to dance in a nightclub. I had to put him on hold because he wouldn't stop blabbing about his transformation.


jane dough said...

Ok, so now I am curious. What dvd could possibly give this instruction? You know, in case I undergo my own TRANSFORMATION!

Amy said...

Jane-- I found a series of DVDs about how to dance. Salsa, foxtrot, and there was even one for disco and clubs!