Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a (full moon) night!

It was a wild and crazy night at the liberry.  Here it is--

  • Some middle school boys were running around and throwing a basketball.  I asked them to stop, but of course they didn't.  So the security guard asked them to leave.  As they were leaving, one of them looked at me and said I see what you did!  I should have said-- no, I can see what YOU did!

  • A man comes to the desk--  do you know your camels?  I'm sorry?  One hump or two humps, where's your dictionary at?  He goes to the dictionary and a few minutes later returns to the desk.  It's not in the dictionary.  Which word are you looking up?  Maybe I can find it in another dictionary.  He said I know there are dromedaries (one hump), but what's the other one?  For that I looked in Grzimek's for the answer, which was bactrian.  Now I know my camels!

  • A girl taking a health class was assigned to do a "project" on dementia.  She told me this is the very first "project" of her life.  She came to this country 5 years ago, and was always in ESL classes, and she said they never did "projects." Now she's in school to be a nurse's assistant.   Supposedly today was the day her teacher assigned the "project" on dementia, due tomorrow.   She came at 6 PM, the exact time I came to the desk to take Marian's place.  (Marian was so lucky to dodge this one because the girl couldn't stop talking about the word "project").   After we completed the conversation that everything isn't on the Internet, I took the girl to the section of books about Alzheimer's.   Five minutes later she returned to the desk, totally excited.  I found it!  This is it!  It was a book entitled Alzheimer's Project.   

  • AND FINALLY... a man who sits in the comfy chairs in the back corner of the liberry walks by as he's leaving and asks me if I've ever seen The Office.  I say, no.  He replies-- You and your friends should write a show called The Liberry.  Being here is really interesting and entertaining in a weird kind of way.


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eliza said...

That sounds like an interesting day!