Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1980 Toyota truck repair

Caller:  Hi, I was there yesterday and I was looking at a reference book with the call number 629.2873.  (The call number doesn't help much because all of the auto repair books start with 629).  I was wondering if you could find the book and give me the part number.

Part number.  Huh.  So he wants me to look in the repair manual and find a part number for something in the truck?  I asked him if he knew the name of the part he was looking for.  No, that wasn't it.

Don't you have the stock number?
Yeah, you mean 629.2873?

Like, if I'm going to buy it.
Oh, you mean the ISBN?
What's that?
The standard book number.
What is it?
I gave it to him.

He was so happy!

Now good luck finding the repair manual from 1980 for sale anywhere...


mph said...

FYI, service manuals and owner's manuals that are published by the vehicle manufacturer (as opposed to a "generic" publisher like Haynes) often have part numbers, just like the mechanical parts of the car. The manual's part number could be given to a dealer's parts department to order the manual.

Amy said...

Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes more sense.

DeltaCubed said...

a little Google

Hendersonrose92 said...

I think everyone has moments like these when they work in customer service jobs. At least you were able to help him. When my brother tried calling support for his truck the person who spoke to was not as nice or helpful. Thanks for sharing the cute story.