Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catholic Math

So this new guy (who I can tell is going to be a regular) asked me for books on Catholic math.  I asked him what he meant by that, and he didn't really know.  The conversation ranged from pure and applied math, logic, differential equations, and abstract algebra.  Then he said he wants information on abstract algebra that a first grader could understand.  Oh. Wow.  


Brent said...

Glad to see some new posts. I found this blog about a week ago via, and I enjoy it thoroughly. Keep posting. You all are very funny.

American in Bath said...

I'd like that book too. Let us know what it is when you find it.

Cond0010 said...

Perhaps he means 'Catholic' with a little 'c', which means 'universal'.

Sadly, math is nearly bottomless. I am guessing he may not know much about math - especially since he is talking about teaching abstract algebra for a first grader.

But then, you never can tell.