Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Heather Memorial Refgrunt (come back and see us soon!)

  • Needs a library card.
  • Can we purchase earbuds at the library? (Sorry, no) Oh, that’s okay, I just wondered since they have them at the library in New Mexico.
  • I want a book on wrestling, it’s my favorite. Is that okay?
  • Phone: I was here last Tuesday, not this past Tuesday but a week ago Tuesday, and I was here with my grandson who has to do a research paper for high school, it’s on Kennedy, but there weren’t any books available so we went to the information desk and we spoke to the staff person there, and she showed us the computer and we were able to find about five books that were available that we could order so we ordered them and she said it would take three to five days but it’s been a week and a half and we haven’t heard anything and (Okay, do you have your library card number? I’ll check on it.)
  • Where are the country CDs?
  • I’m making a sign, and I need to know the penal codes and fines for the following: loitering, littering, and dumping.
  • Can you tell me where the nonfiction is? (Well, yes, but are you looking for anything specific?) Twice Across the Plains by Pleasants? I’m a descendent of his and my sister told me about the book. It’s a true story!
  • Needs a whole array of parenting books for a class
  • Something that explains the Odyssey, since the poetry is “very deep”.
  • Do you have any books on ADHD? I just got diagnosed with that! But it doesn’t seem to run in my family.
  • Can I order that new book by Ricky Martin?
  • Do you have any large print books?
  • Do you sell envelopes? I just need one. (Sorry , no.) How about rubber bands, could I have two? (Yes, that I can do.)
  • Okay, there’s this series of books, and I’m not sure what they’re called, but each one is about a girl, and they tell their story. And it’s, like way back in time. (Dear America?) Yes! I think that’s it!
  • Is Heather here? (No, she’ll be in later) Oh, can you tell her Lisa from Branch X stopped by? She’s going to be our new manager. (Oh, you’re so lucky! We LOVE Heather and we’re so sad she’s leaving. Take good care of her!) We will!
  • Do you have the novels of Nora Roberts? My aunt saw the movies based on her books and she wants to read them.
  • Do you have more paper for the microfilm machine?
  • Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

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