Friday, February 04, 2011

Hey guess what?

Guy about 35 always says hey guess what? to me.  Once it was for his new tattoo that he got for such a bargain, another time it was something his daughter made.  This time he said-- hey guess what?  My sister-in-law is cashing in one of her CDs so I can get new teeth!  I hadn't really noticed (which I can't believe) what his teeth look like now, but he hardly has any.

Well congratulations to you!


Matt said...

First time I read this, I was picturing myself at the used record store trying to trade-in a duplicate Whiskeytown CD or something and I couldn't understand how that could possibly add up to new teeth, monetarily. Wow, I thought, what rare music disc is that. But I just read the post again and now I think CD means Certificate of Deposit, which makes a lot more sense. Monetarily.

Joanna said...

Next time just say "Chickenbutt". Try and get his reaction on video, if you can.