Friday, February 25, 2011

Short Refgrunt: 6-7PM

May I help you?
Yes, you may....  may i have a paperclip?

Do you have a book on Harry Houdini?

How do I respond to an ad on craigslist if it doesn't let me click on the email?

It says "ask please," oh, I read it backwards, it says "please ask."  Wow, is this a new (pencil) sharpener?  I just wasted your time, sorry.
2 highschool students:  Hi, we just borrowed this book (Handbook of Chemistry and Physics) about an hour ago.  (He hands it to me, and I say thanks).  Then one of them says-- oh, do you want me to put it back?  

Where is the area for Spanish books?

Excuse me, please take your cell phone conversation to the lobby.

Woman--  Hi, I just found these 4 reference books (about astrology, dream interpretation, tarot, and witches/witchcraft) in the circulating section.   I think someone used them and didn't want to put them back.  (Or my idea--  they were ready to steal them and then saw the security guard or another staff member). 

Do you have music by Michael Buble?  It used to be so easy to find, but now that he is popular I guess they're all checked out.

Young mother:  Hi, do you have books on how to study for the GED and a video about "your baby can read."

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