Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Triple refgrunt

An older woman came to ask about how she can donate her body to science.  She was so upbeat, after I gave her the information she said "double high 5s my dear, and keep smiling!"

Then a woman walked up to the desk and said loudly with laughter, I need to know if I was born on a full moon.  My friends say it would explain a lot.   I looked up the date and told her...  no, your birthdate did not fall on a full moon.  (And I thought... what if it did?  How would she respond?!).

Finally Mr. Purple Book walked by and asked the usual question-- is that the right time? and, oh, do you know where the hardback book is?  


A woman who must have been new to the liberry heard the above three exchanges and was WOWed with what liberrians deal with on a daily basis.

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Jackie Davis said...

And well she should be!!