Monday, March 28, 2011

Refgrunt! Ten Hut!

[a few really boring questions removed throughout]

Can I use this flyer for scratch paper? (No. )

Night Custodian exam book?

We need more sign-in sheets for the study group

Mr. Purple Book wants to know when the mall opens.

Unlawful detainer—what are the loopholes?

What is the book that comes before “Kings of the North” by Elizabeth Moon? And do you have a book called “Gift of Life” by I don’t know the author?

Wants various movies on VHS—is that the one with the two holes in the middle?

Looking for “Jewels of the Sea” by Nora Roberts, which is the sequel to “Jewels of the Sun”. Will not believe that it’s actually called “Heart of the Sea”.

I think this is my cushion that I left here.

Guy at a computer: Do you have to put your library card in here for it to work?

Where’s the true crime section?

Turns out, computer guy meant it literally and stuck his card in the disk drive. Forceps time!

Do you have a place I can advertise for an Arabic tutor?

“American Album” by Oliver Jensen

SRDS Advertising Source? (We haven’t had it since 2007, so I send her to [Big City] Library downtown.)

¿Habla EspaƱol?

We need information on volcanoes. Just stuff about it.

Where would I find a book on archery, if you had one?


Do you have, like, a dictionary that I can sit and use? I forgot mine and I want to use it to look up words.

I find her the Collected Stories and Complete Novels of Eudora Welty and she says Oh you are so wonderful! I knew I would have success!

What’s 9.55% of $4460?


Brent said...

"Turns out, computer guy meant it literally and stuck his card in the disk drive. Forceps time!"

The computers are old enough to still have disk drives?

Marian The said...

Yeah, we've had them for about 5 years. They've just started replacing a few of them here and there.
I didn't actually notice till now that the new ones don't have floppy drives!

Brent said...

Maybe people will start folding up their library cards and trying to shove them in the usb slots!

Lisa said...

You're so lucky! I haven't had anyone try to stick a card in any slot in the PC they could find in a long time! ;-) And, I don't know about y'all, but fully 1/2 of my system's ASVAB books are marked LOST. I don't know if I should feel good about this (aggressive people are what the military needs!) or dismayed (honest people are what the military needs!)

Marian The said...

Oh, I'd say something like 80% of our ASVAB books are missing or overdue.
It makes me crazy.
Any time I see those military recruiters I ask them to donate some copies to the library, but so far no joy.