Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday's highlights

  • I found 3 textbooks to request for a phd student.  She was so happy she said--  This is the high point of my day... I'm so happy I could kiss you!
  • Mr. Purple Book brings 2 copies to the desk:  See, there's one hard cover and one paperback.  But I think the hard cover is more comprehensive.  It fools you because it is hard cover.... if I ever ask you about this book again, this is what I mean.
  • Customer:  Wow, you've been working here for a long time. (and 5 minutes later) Another customer:  You are here all the time, do you ever take a day off?
  • Conspiracy Theorist:  Why is it that there are 100 people on the wait list for a book that was just cataloged?  How did they find out about it and I didn't?
  • Caller:  Hi, I just moved away from you liberry.  Now I live at 123 Main Street, Any Town, Any State.  Can you tell me the closest liberry to me and how to get there?  Yes, that's a service we provide!

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